What is Isotonizene?

Isotonizene is a benzimidazole-derived opioid analgesic (or potent opioid agonist) drug that was originally developed as a cancer treatment. The use of benzimidazoles is fairly widespread in many human pain medications. In the case of isotonizene, however, it was believed to have an antiseizure effect that outweighed its analgesic effect. However, this proved to be an oversimplification, as isotonizene exhibits only modest antiseizure effects in humans, and its analgesic potency is fairly low in humans. It is used clinically as a strong prodrug for aldosterone that is converted to its active metabolite, isotonitrile, under medical conditions. Isotonitrile, like many other strong opioid prodrugs, is not an opioid agonist.


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