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Deoxymethoxetamine for sale

Welcome to a comprehensive overview of Deoxymethoxetamine (DMXE). In this article, we’ll delve into the various aspects of DMXE, including its definition, chemical structure, emergence in the market, effects and uses, trip reports, safety concerns, legal status, and more. So let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of Deoxymethoxetamine for sale

Understanding Deoxymethoxetamine (DMXE)

What is DMXE?

DMXE, also known as Deoxymethoxetamine, is a recreational designer drug from the arylcyclohexylamine family that exhibits dissociative effects. It is classified as an analog of methoxetamine (MXE), wherein the 3-methoxy group of MXE is replaced by a methyl group[1][2]. DMXE has gained popularity in recent years, capturing the interest of researchers, recreational drug users, and the wider community.

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Chemical Structure of DMXE

The chemical structure of DMXE, also referred to as Deoxymethoxetamine, 3D-MXE, or 3-Me-2′-Oxo-PCE, bears similarities to MXE and ketamine with the key distinction being the replacement of the methoxy group with a methyl group[3]. This modification alters the compound’s properties and effects, leading to its unique dissociative profile.

Relationship with Methoxetamine (MXE)

DMXE shares a close relationship with methoxetamine (MXE), which is another dissociative hallucinogen that has been sold as a designer drug. MXE was specifically designed to enhance the antidepressant effects of ketamine[5]. DMXE can be seen as an analogue of MXE, with slight structural modifications that differentiate the two compounds[6]. Deoxymethoxetamine for sale

The Emergence of DMXE

 Availability and Online Sales

DMXE became available for purchase online around October 2020, capturing the attention of the research chemical market and enthusiasts seeking novel psychoactive substances. Its emergence sparked curiosity and experimentation among users.

Forensic Identification

The identification of DMXE as a distinct compound was first confirmed by a forensic laboratory in Denmark in February 2021. The analysis provided valuable insights into its chemical composition and properties, contributing to the growing body of knowledge on this compound[1].

Effects and Uses of DMXE

Dissociative Effects

DMXE is known for its dissociative effects, which can induce altered states of consciousness, detachment from reality, and sensory distortions. These effects make it attractive to individuals seeking unique experiences and exploring altered states of mind.

 Recreational Use

DMXE has gained popularity in the recreational drug community due to its dissociative properties. Users report a range of experiences, including sensory enhancement, euphoria, and introspection. It is important to note that recreational use of DMXE carries potential risks, and responsible consumption and harm reduction practices should be prioritized.

 Research Chemical Market

The appearance of DMXE on the research chemical market has generated interest among scientists and researchers. Its unique chemical structure and dissociative effects make it a subject of study for understanding its pharmacological properties and potential applications.

DMXE Trip Reports and Harm Reduction

User Experiences and Dosage

Various trip reports have surfaced, detailing individuals’ experiences with DMXE. These firsthand accounts provide insights into the effects, dosage regimens, and potential risks associated with its consumption[4]. It is crucial to approach these reports with caution and recognize the subjective nature of individual experiences.

Harm Reduction Practices

As with any psychoactive substance, harm reduction practices should be prioritized when using DMXE. These practices include starting with low doses, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment, avoiding dangerous combinations with other substances, and maintaining open communication with trusted individuals.

Comparison with Methoxetamine (MXE)

Differences in Design and Effects

DMXE and MXE are related compounds but differ in their chemical structures and effects. The modification of the methoxy group in DMXE alters its pharmacological profile, potentially leading to variations in the intensity, duration, and subjective experiences when compared to MXE. Deoxymethoxetamine for sale

Antidepressant Potential

Both DMXE and MXE are associated with potential antidepressant effects. However, further research is necessary to determine the specific mechanisms and therapeutic applications of these compounds in the context of mental health.

Safety Concerns and Risks

Limited Research and Knowledge

Due to its recent emergence, there is limited scientific research on DMXE, and its long-term effects and potential risks remain largely unknown. It is essential to exercise caution and prioritize personal safety when engaging with any novel psychoactive substance.

Potential Side Effects

As with other dissociative substances, DMXE may be associated with a range of side effects. These can include physical discomfort, cognitive impairments, anxiety, and potential risks to mental well-being. Individuals considering DMXE use should be aware of these potential side effects and make informed decisions accordingly.

Legal Status of DMXE

Regulatory Considerations

The legal status of DMXE varies across jurisdictions. Due to its classification as a novel psychoactive substance, its legality is often subject to specific drug control laws and regulations implemented by individual countries.

Global Legal Landscape

It is crucial to stay updated on the legal status of DMXE in your specific region or country. Laws and regulations can change over time, and it is important to adhere to local regulations regarding the production, distribution, and consumption of psychoactive substances.


What is the chemical structure of DMXE?

The chemical structure of DMXE is similar to methoxetamine (MXE), with the modification of the methoxy group to a methyl group[3].

How does DMXE compare to MXE?

DMXE is considered an analog of MXE, with slight structural modifications. These modifications can result in differences in effects and potency between the two compounds[6].

What are the reported effects of DMXE?

DMXE is known for its dissociative effects, which can induce altered states of consciousness, detachment from reality, and sensory distortions. Users report experiences such as sensory enhancement, euphoria, and introspection.

Is DMXE legal?

The legal status of DMXE varies across jurisdictions. It is essential to research and understand the specific regulations regarding its production, distribution, and consumption in your region or country.

Are there any safety concerns associated with DMXE?

Due to limited research, the potential risks and safety concerns of DMXE are not fully understood. It is crucial to approach any novel psychoactive substance with caution and prioritize harm reduction practices to ensure personal safety.


In conclusion, Deoxymethoxetamine (DMXE) is a recreational designer drug that has gained attention for its dissociative effects. As an analogue of methoxetamine (MXE), it presents unique properties and experiences. While the emergence of DMXE has intrigued researchers and enthusiasts, it is important to approach its use responsibly, considering safety, harm reduction, and legal considerations.


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