Is Boric Acid Fish Scale Better For Pest Control Than Conventional Methods?

Is Boric Acid Fish Scale Better For Pest Control Than Conventional Methods?

Pests will always create problems for homeowners and business owners. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world because pests exist in all forms. You could have spiders, mice, rats, ants, and cockroaches. Also snakes, flies, mosquitoes, and wasps. And the list goes on.

Issues with Professional Pest Control Technicians

The usual solution for getting rid of such pests is to call an exterminator or pest control technician. However, there are two problems with using a professional pest control technician:

  • Most of them require you to sign up as a member and pay a monthly fee rather than one fixed price per service.

  • Pest control technicians usually kill pests with toxic chemicals, risking the health of the people who work or live there.

Safer and Cheaper Pest Control Methods

If you want to kill the pests that are roaming around on your property, there are safer and cheaper ways to do it. One way is to use boric acid. It comes from fish scales and is one of the strongest pest-killing products for sale. Just sprinkle the magic fish scale on the ground in the areas of your property where pests like to roam.

Alternatively, you can attract the pests even more by mixing boric acid flakes with sugar water. Most pests are attracted to sugar, so that will be like a magnet, which brings them closer to the magic fish scales. Once the pests consume the boric acid and sugar water mixture, it won’t take long for them to die.

Boric acid is a helpful way to get rid of pests naturally. It’s special because of its shape, which makes it a strong bug killer. When bugs come into contact with it, it breaks their hard outer shell, making them lose water and die eventually.  People who care about the environment like using it. Besides the usual pests, like spiders, look for mice, rats, flies, mosquitoes, snakes, and wasps. Home and business owners should keep an eye out for all of these. Knowing about all these pests helps people deal with them better and prevent big bug problems.

Use Caution

You’ll want to use caution when handling boric acid flakes. Make sure that none of the flakes get on your skin or in your eyes. And, of course, don’t ingest the flakes either, because they could make you sick.

Magic fish scales don’t come in powder form for safety reasons. The powder can easily go airborne if a breeze were to sweep through a room. This would leave the possibility of scale particles ending up in your lungs and nose. You would inhale the air. That is why it is better to leave the scales as-is or mix them with the sugar water, as noted above.

Overall, the risk to humans is the same as spraying insecticide in your home. Just take a common-sense approach to handle the boric acid fish scales, and you should be okay.

Benzocaine Fluffy And Boric Acid Flakes
Benzocaine Fluffy And Boric Acid Flakes

Cost Comparison

If you wanted to purchase 112 grams of boric acid magic fish scale, it would cost you about £22.99. This is about the same monthly fee that a professional pest control service would charge. With 112 grams, you’d have enough flakes to put in more than a few rooms of your house. You may not realize this. Pest control technicians use boric acid in many of their fancy chemicals. In addition, they mix a lot of other dangerous chemicals in there too. And if the technician must stop an infestation, they might charge you £100+ to stop it. Why pay that much when magic fish scales can do just as good a job?

Odorless and Convenient

To give you an idea of how safe the magic fish scale is to use, it does not create an odor in your home. This allows you to place magic fish scales on the ground. Then, you can sit elsewhere in the same room without risking your health.

But, pest control technicians often make you stay out of your home for 4 to 5 hours. They do this after they spray chemicals to kill an infestation of pests. This time is supposedly just enough for the toxic chemicals to clear from your home. Then, it will be safe to enter again. But really, there is no guarantee that all the substances will be out of the air. You could still be putting your health at risk.


As you can see, the boric acid fish scale is a highly effective and affordable pest control product. It is safer for people to use than the chemicals of a pest control technician. The scales are cheap to buy online. As soon as you get them, you can use them to ward off pests.


Q1: Are boric acid fish scales safe to use around children and pets?

A1: While boric acid fish scales are generally safe when used as directed, it is important to keep them away from children and pets to prevent any accidental exposure.

Q2: Can boric acid scales be used outdoors?

A2: Yes, boric acid fish scales can be used outdoors in areas where pests are present or likely to be found. However, it is important to follow the instructions provided with the product and ensure proper placement.

Q3: How long does it take for boric acid fish scales to eliminate pests?

A3: The time it takes for boric acid fish scales to eliminate pests can vary depending on the pest species, the extent of the infestation, and other factors. It is recommended to regularly monitor the treated areas and make adjustments as needed.

Q4: Can boric acid fish scales be used for commercial pest control?

A4: Yes, boric acid fish scales can be used for commercial pest control. Nonetheless, it is prudent to talk with an expert in professional pest control services to decide the most reasonable methodology for explicit business settings.

Q5: Are boric acid scales environmentally friendly?

A5: Boric acid scales are considered environmentally friendly as they occur naturally in the environment.


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